The first snows

I suppose it was bound to happen – you expect snow in January unless of course you are living in a tropical region.The first real snow – and this is only a little event – is still fun to watch. There is some beauty in a conifer covered with snow and goodness it has been written so many time that the key to ‘year round gardening’ is things like conifers, red twigged dogwoods and ornamental grasses that have not been hacked down to ‘neaten’ the place up. Alas the overall bleakness of a winter weary day can make even the conifers have all the appeal of a Christmas tree discarded on the side of the road. We all love the Christmas tree at the beginning of the holiday season but by the time January arrives, and season is over, it is a relief to get the thing out of the house. Thus is it with conifers in the garden – at first they are lovely, but when the snow is still there in March – the appeal is definitely old.

 A Pond in the Garden

I was looking over the late fall landscape towards the new pond in the garden. It arrived yesterday courtesy an all day rain event that fell from the sky in waves of drab drizzle and caused the usually demure little stream to become a raging river spilling over the banks and slowly spreading out. The water does not appear all at once, but creeps inch by inch,  first hiding under cover of the grass then greedily encroaching more of the land – the underlying grass submissive under the now lazy water smothering it.

That the area floods make me think that a real pond would work in that area – a nice pond that shone blue in the sunshine, reflecting the trees in their fall glory and that stayed there all year round. We could put fish into the pond, although they would probably be picked up by nearby birds. Seeing waterfowl land on a pond creates another enjoyment of the garden and perhaps the white duck that has taken up residence in next door’s pond would come to visit ours too.

Yes I definitely think I would like to have a pond in the garden – but for now I have to be content with the dark, muddy water from the stream to mark the spot.

 Landscape headaches

Sometimes we all have to deal with problems in the landscape. So we can fix others we just have to deal with. Some of my current headaches include a climbing rose that is poked behind a drainpipe, landscape fabric under landscape bricks and trees too close to the house.
See them all Landscape Headaches

 Clearing the veggie bed

There comes a time in most of our gardens when a frost arrives. For my garden that was this week and I said goodbye to the green beans. They were planted after we moved here so I didn’t expect much from them anyway, but sometimes a gardener just needs something to do in the garden and that day I really wanted to start a vegetable garden. So here is the video about clearing the  veg bed.

clearing the veg bed

 Moving Roses

Today was mild enough  to play in the garden, so I had the idea to move a rose. This little fella was squashed behind a very vigorous rambling type shrub rose. Well moving this compromised rose was far more trouble than I thought it would be. The rose was far happier than it should be and had intertwined its stems with the over zealous shrub.  Long prickly stems picked at my hair and clothing, and there were so many forked stems that it was darn right impossible to drag the tanggled stems out.

Finally I did the the reluctant rose out, and I did get it replanted, but boy oh boy did I need a nap afterward!

 New Show Starting

Yes, indeed, the Garden Gal is starting a new show on The A Garden Gal will air live at 1pm and talk about things in your garden and in mine. 

Sometimes there is something that really makes you wonder. A particulular lady called Caitlin Flanagan has come out of her crystal cavern and put her dainty foot right into the garden via a vitriolic attack on school gardens. Well I don’t know where the good Ms. Flanigan has lived of late, and I don’t know if she has actually been into a garden, let alone a school garden, but we will talk about what they really are.
We are also going to talk about the branding of apples, and maybe other fruit, with your business logo or name.
As for things to do in the garden – well I think it is seed starting time and we can talk about seeds and planting.

FInally we are going to look at those indoor plants that are suffering from too little light, no water or fertilizer and getting definatly buggy as well as dusty.

Join me tomorrow for the show on at 1pm: A gardengal – live.
The show is tomorrow on ustreamTV at 1pm tomorrow.

 Practical stakes for the tomato patch

I found these stakes and thought I would give them a try in the tomato patch.  The regular little white tags are great for the pot, but get lost and misplaced in the garden. So I gave these things a try.

They are from  and should be clear though the whole season. See how i did it:

Replacing small tags with Quikstakes

 A New Blog and Site

This site and the occompanying web site has been a work in progress for several months, and will really take off in the New Year (she says hopefully).

Gardengal is a gardener and the lady next door. She chats about her garden and what the neighbors are doing plus gives hints for your own garden.  Look for all sorts of multimedia things to enter the site and to help you see what she does in her own garden.

So come on in, and stay a while and lets talk about gardening!